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Why Email Marketing?
The Benefits
Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Email marketing is cost-effective and highly targeted.

Email marketing is one of the most popular means to build customer relations, reach more customers and to drive traffic in addition to improving sales conversion rates. Not only is it the ideal method for staying in touch with the customer, but it is also an excellent branding tool.

With the method of marketing you will be able to introduce new products and services, highlight specials and reward loyal customers. New subscribers get to know your products and services while you also build credibility as an expert in your field.

Consumers often purchase from the company that is the easiest to find and may not always think of your company first.

With email newsletters you ensure that your brand sticks and that the website address is readily available to the customers. With newsletters you can thus turn customers into lifelong clients.

Email Marketing

What are the benefits?

  • Helps to drive more visits to the website and specific web pages.
  • Develops client loyalty.
  • Increases valuable incoming links to your website.
  • Increases the number of repeat sales.
  • Emails are often forwarded to other Internet users.
  • Cost-effective marketing method.
  • Perfect tool for getting feedback.
  • Improves sales conversion rates.
  • Expands market reach.
  • Builds brand awareness.
  • Reminds the customer of your products and services.
  • Creates up-selling opportunities.
  • Ensures regular contact with customers.
  • Cheap tool for promotions.
  • Targeted advertising and delivering.

When it comes to email delivery, you will want to ensure that the customer receives it in a timely manner and will also want the customer to open it. We know how to design newsletters, wording and subject headings for optimal deliverability and use to the customer. With such then you will be able to get a higher response rate and thus also improved ROI.

Emails must be written for the specific target audience and must be short enough to keep interest. We help you construct newsletters that will have enough information to keep the attention with links back to the relevant pages of your website where the customer can get more information. In this way you will ensure that the customer regularly visits your website and will be able to introduce more products and services of value.

How iLead Online can Help

Our team of search engine optimisers, online marketers, designers, and copywriters can help to set-up email marketing campaigns, brand the newsletters, add subscription buttons to your website and social media sites, and manage the newsletter distribution.

Measuring Success

We have simplified the process of newsletter design, management and usage as marketing tool.

With full delivery and trend reports, database hosting, message archives and monitoring tools available, you have no reason not to make use of newsletters to reach more customers, develop brand loyalty, drive traffic and increase sales turn-over.

An essential component of any marketing campaign is that of being able to measure results. We ensure that you will be able to track delivery, reading rates, responses and also click-through actions to your website. The marketing campaign success is thus measurable and allows you to tweak content to ensure optimal sales conversions and responses.

Our Services

We tailor newsletter designs and campaigns to the client requirements. As such we offer a full range of services including:

  • Newsletter template design.
  • Set-up of email marketing campaigns.
  • Tool provision for subscriber management.
  • Social reaction measurement.
  • Addition of links and social media integration functionality.
  • Subscription form setup.
  • Usage of Google Analytics for monitoring.
  • Reporting on delivery, responses, and sales conversions.
  • Message archive management.

Gain the competitive edge through newsletters. Contact us to help you set-up and manage your email marketing campaigns effectively.

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