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There is absolutely every reason to want to advertise your business on Facebook. A quick glance at the sheer number of members that Facebook has, and the lucrative potential that advertising across this social network can have should be enough to convince any business owner to consider a campaign on this network. Facebook and its advertising options have taken the world by storm, and for good reason.

In order to effectively advertise a business on Facebook, one must look into all the options available to them. Facebook offers both paid and free advertising options to businesses around the world. Free advertising options include the creation of fan pages, business pages and celebrity pages. These pages are extremely effective forms of advertising as clients are able to make a more direct and somewhat personalised contact with the business. Advertisers can provide clients with a wealth of information and advice on their products and services and even create further interest with the use of status updates, wall posts and photo albums.

Paid advertising on Facebook works much the same as Google AdWords. Facebook paid adverts can target specific age groups, demographics and client interests. This means that the exact target audience is able to be met. Advertisers can also set a maximum daily budget on their adverts so that they do not over spend on their campaign. Payments for these adverts can be done securely via PayPal and credit card and Facebook does not sell or provide client information to third parties.

iLead Online is a professional online marketing company that can assist you to advertise your business on Facebook, and other online marketing platforms. If you are looking to advertise your business on Facebook effectively, take the time to contact iLead Online and chat to us about the various advertising options available to you today.