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Facebook Advertising

How To Make Facebook Advertising Work For You

Creating a Facebook business page is the first step into making Facebook advertising work for you.

— J. Nortje (Marketing Director)


One might think that advertising on Facebook is not worth your while as people use it only for social networking and not for business. This may be true, but they go to a shopping mall for the same reason and when they see something that interests them they will want to buy it. Facebook advertising can take the form of banners, direct advertising or indirect by means of a Facebook business page.

Creating a Facebook business page is the first step into making Facebook advertising work for you. For a business page to work you have to add all the necessary information for people to buy from you or it would be like having a shop with no counter to pay at. This information should include your shop address or link to your website as well as a contact form and a full description of who and what your company is. Adding photos of your products with a short description and a price tag is a great way to make sales.

For people to join your page they should first know about it. The first step in getting people to join is to post a status update with a link to your page as well as inviting all your friends on Facebook. In the beginning you should invite as many people as you can, not caring whether they are interested in your business or not. The key to getting thousands of people to join is to first get a few hundred. The more members you have the more you will get. Encourage these members to invite their friends and so on. In this method you thus use viral marketing as a Facebook advertising method.

A few notes on the regulations regarding Facebook advertising seem in order. Facebook has a terms and conditions page which you should read before starting out on a Facebook marketing campaign. One is that the ads placed at Facebook must connect the user with the same landing page when the user clicks on it as advertised. You cannot employ trapping techniques where the user isn't allowed to leave your site in any other way than closing it. The user must be able to return to their original page.

Facebook advertising can be cost effective, provided you have taken the time to create a well planned promotion strategy, offer the user enough incentive to click, and give the user even more reason to tell others about the product or service. Let us help you make the most of Facebook advertising techniques. Contact us for professional assistance today.