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Facebook Business Page

Why Your Company Needs a Facebook Business Page

Anyone without a Facebook Business Page will drastically miss out on great opportunities to reach new potential clientele.

— J. Nortje (Marketing Director)

The reasons why your company needs a Facebook business page are endless and it would be impossible to mention them all here. Some of the most important reasons for creating a Facebook business page are briefly shared below.

You probably already know the importance of having a website. The main reason to have a Facebook business page is pretty much the same, to reach more people. The difference between a website and a Facebook business page is that a Facebook page is completely free and you can set up your own in less than one day.

How do you reach more people using Facebook than you would with a normal website? Well with a normal website people have to search for you using Google or some other internet search engine or you will have to make use of sponsored ads, banners, links, and affiliate marketing to get the desired effect. With a Facebook business page people become fans of your business and that shows up on their profiles. Friends of the people who have become fans of your page will then see that and also become fans. This cycle repeats itself over and over again.

Another advantage over other forms of marketing is the newsfeed component that Facebook has. What makes the newsfeed excellent as marketing tool for a Facebook business page is the fact that your customers are updated in real time where a paper advert or website would have to be revisited to see what is new.

The last reason it to appear modern and legitimate. If you don't have a Facebook business page your potential customers will probably end up going to your competitor. The reason for that is you may not seem modern enough for the younger generation or you might not seem very trustworthy if they can't find you on Facebook.

Facebook business pages are excellent for getting in extra business, but keep your website as it will still be a very important addition. Let us help you reach the social media crowd with some of the best Facebook marketing strategies available today.