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Google AdWords Marketing Benefits

With the ads having a 90% reach the website owner benefits in various ways.

Google AdWords Marketing allows you start serving highly relevant & targeted ads within minutes after setup. Other benefits include:

  • Better market reach than any other form of online advertising.
  • Google is one of the three leading international search engines.
  • With the largest network in the world, Google offers the ability to gain numerous ad impressions within 24 hours.
  • Category based options are available for targeted advertising.
  • Diverse display options available.
  • With over 2.5 Billion page views daily, the only limit in reach is the client budget.
  • On average a single searcher sees around 30 adverts daily.
  • Competitive pricing options and packages to suit from the smallest business to the largest multi-national corporation.
  • Cost control and targeting ensure higher return on marketing spending.
  • User is already in the market for the specific type of product or service.
  • Pay only for clicks or conversions and thus gain more control over marketing budget.
  • Complete audit trail is available regarding the success of specific keywords and campaigns.
  • Maximum control over ads placement, spending, duration, and targeting.
  • Regional advertising can be done.

Ad Placement & Display

The Google network is extensive and includes various search partners and content publishers. In addition, you will have ability to reach users whether they search for videos, articles or specific products. With YouTube being the second most popular search engine after Google and also a network with over 2 billion views daily, displaying of ads at the search engine ensures superior return on investment if done correctly.

Ads are displayed across various platforms:

  • Top, bottom and right side of search results pages.
  • On content publisher partner sites relevant to the specific keywords.
  • Mobile sites reaching more users on the go.
  • Google Places (Maps).YouTube.

The ads can also be placed at Google Places (Maps) where users utilise Google Maps & Google Earth to locate businesses and places of interest. In addition, placement of ads on the mobile network ensures that users will be exposed to ads also after hours. With mobile users often near the point of sale and more willing to buy immediately, higher sales conversions can be achieved

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