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Google PPC Management Services

Targeting Methods

The two options available for optimal reach are that of placement and category. With placement targeting, you can decide how many ads to display and where to display the ads. With category targeting it is possible to place ads in specific categories relevant to the user such as fashion, health, vacations, education or vehicles. The ads can be displayed on relevant websites and as part of search results pages.

Display Formats

Google Pay Per Click has the advantage of flexibility allowing for displaying of ads in image, text, video or rich media formats.


  • CPM – when you want maximum conversions and optimal ad visibility. It is the ideal option for branding.
  • CPC – when you want sales conversions or want views. It is the ideal ad pricing option when you expect more page views and thus want to ensure awareness development.

Why Use iLead Online to manage your PPC Campaign?

iLead Google Certified Partner

We are a certified Google AdWords partner and can offer you specials as well as our expertise to ensure that you will get the best results and thus return on your marketing investment.

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