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Google Pay Per Click Marketing

Whereas Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is focussed on the improvement of website ranking for targeted keywords in organic search results, Google Pay Per Click allows for sponsored results placement.

It simply means that advertisements based on selected keywords are displayed alongside the search results when users type in specific keywords in the search box. In addition, Google Pay Per Click (PPC) or AdWords adverts are also displayed at participating publisher sites relevant to the keywords selected.

Why Make Use of Google Pay Per Click?

SEO is a long term solution and targets searches by users. AdWords offers almost immediate return and the option is well-suited for companies only starting out on the Internet and hoping to gain immediate visits to their sites. The option is also perfect as an additional means to attract visitors and gain more sales. Whereas the user often utilises normal searches to find more information, the advertisements are aimed at the buyer or person ready to make use of a service or product.

Organic SEO and Google PPC thus work well together to reach more users and to gain more sales. With the AdWords we set-up the ads, select the keywords and manage the bids where relevant. With Google PPC you will have control over where the ads should be displayed and can target specific user groups, also within geographic boundaries.

The response we've had thus far has been great and we look forward to a wonderful working relationship with iLead!


Website updates get done immediately and we no longer have to wait as in the past even up to weeks for change requests to reflect on the website.


iLead have always been professional in their approach and willing to listen. Our website now generates leads daily, with tremendous results!


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