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Studies have shown that the majority of Internet users access websites from their smart phones or other mobile devices.

Desktop ready websites are bandwidth intensive, load slower, and are too large for the small screens of mobile handsets. With that then many businesses now miss out on the mobile Internet user visits simply because their websites are not designed to fit onto small screens and to load fast.

The mobile phone user doesn't want to scroll through long pages of text and certainly doesn't want large images and graphic intensive designs to take up their data bundle time.

As such it is important to design sites ready for usage on smart phones rather than to adapt existing websites for mobile use.

Mobile Marketing

Mobi Websites

Although you may not want to pay for the design of two sites, it is certainly worth the initial investment to ensure that you can reach the user on the go.

Mobisites are websites specifically designed for correct display on phone handsets. The sites display perfectly on a wide range of screens and load fast.

In addition to the above, the mobisites are designed to minimise the need for additional scrolling and can still feature full social media integration with buttons to Like, Recommend, Share, and Follow. You will be surprised how many users you have yet to reach and mobisites make it possible. It doesn't mean that your existing website will become obsolete. To the contrary, day usage of the Internet at offices still entails desktop access rather than mobile phones. However, weekend usage and after hour usage are often by means of mobile handsets, necessitating the need for sites ready for mobile marketing.

How iLead can Help

Our design team will design and optimise the mobile marketing sites for best display, minimum bandwidth usage, easy navigation, and yet, high functionality. Should you prefer to make your existing website mobile ready you can also talk to us since we customise solutions to fit client requirements and budgets.

Bulk SMS & MMS

Mobile Marketing

Apart from mobisites for mobile marketing we also offer the easy to set-up, use and maintain mobile marketing bulk SMS system. The system is perfect for:

  • Quick and immediate messages to customers.
  • News and special announcements.
  • Billing updates.
  • Directions.
  • Regular contact with targeted groups of customers.
  • Invitations.
  • Announcements of changes to policies.

The iLead Online mobile marketing system is:

  • Easy to use, set-up and maintain.
  • Non-technical and thus exceptionally user-friendly.
  • Cost-effective as marketing and communication tool.
  • Applicable in a wide range of situations.

Mobile ststems can be used for accurate targeting and can be integrated with other forms of marketing including social media, website, mobisite, television, and off-line media as well as in-store options. The messages can be edited and delivery times determined.

Easy to Use

Simply compose the message and select the contacts or groups to send the message to. Select the time and date for sending and you are done. Full reports show delivery, messages opened, and messages rejected. Use the system to remind customers of video returns, specials, opening times, and even build relationships with birthday wishes.


You can reach a wide audience, stay in control of your marketing budget and easily check delivery failures. With the highly interactive nature of bulk messaging, you can save thousands on marketing costs.

Multi Media Messaging (MMS)

With MMS messaging, the messages are delivered in rich media format such an animation and images. If the handset cannot open the MMS, the user logs onto the Internet page and views as well as downloads the image from there. Consumers easily forward messages giving bulk SMS and MMS viral characteristics.

Not only can we make your website mobile ready, but also give you the option of mobisites. To add onto the value offered, make use of our bulk SMS system for mobile marketing.

The response we've had thus far has been great and we look forward to a wonderful working relationship with iLead!


Website updates get done immediately and we no longer have to wait as in the past even up to weeks for change requests to reflect on the website.


iLead have always been professional in their approach and willing to listen. Our website now generates leads daily, with tremendous results!


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