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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising To Harness Word Of Mouth

"Although studies & surveys show that fewer than 6% of Facebook users actually click on the ads, one should not consider social media advertising as a risk. It must be a complete marketing mix and should form part of any online marketing strategy.

Complete Marketing Mix

Considering the fact that Facebook has officially passed Google in the race for visits then one will be ignorant of the latest Internet usage trends if social media advertising doesn't form part of the online marketing mix. The 5 or so percent of users that do click on the ads are still a considerable number since people spend a lot of their time on social media sites such as Flickr, Facebook & YouTube.

Innovative Strategies

The social media advertising vehicles include the ads placed on the profiles of users, but also include innovative steps such as the usage of RFID chips at events to merge offline marketing with online marketing. Renault for instance, recently used the Facebook RFID to have visitors to the Auto Show, login to their Facebook accounts to activate the chips and then whenever the users wanted to share their "Likes" of Renault vehicles at the show, they simply had to hold their tags in front of the pillars situated at each of the car stands. This made it possible to get their vehicles shown on thousands of Facebook profiles and as such have the images go viral.

Interactivity & Incentives

Social media advertising involving some form of interactivity seems more successful than the static ones. The secret is thus to first place the ads at relevant pages, which can be done through careful optimisation and keyword selection as well as targeting of demographics, age and gender. The second important aspect is to have the wording done in a way that will attract. A catch phrase combined with a great picture and incentive to share the ad on the profile such as 50% discount for every new subscriber will ensure that the marketing dollar spent will be worth the while.

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