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Video Marketing

Video marketing is effective because it is visual and thus highly appealing to Internet users. With video marketing you can provide information about products or services, train users, brand, and create viral tools for optimal exposure.

YouTube is the ideal channel for uploading and sharing of video based content. As the second most popular search engine after Google, it provides extensive reach. In addition, you will also be able to improve on search engine placement through the use of optimised video content.

How iLead can help

With our focus on complete marketing rather than selected promotion, we are able to integrate the video marketing with your other online activities such as Facebook and your website. We provide customised solutions to fit the client's budget and requirements.

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Video Production & YouTube Channels

As part of our solutions, we also offer video production assistance which include the shooting of the video where required, editing, and uploading and optimisation thereof. In addition, we create a YouTube channel and regularly upload content on behalf of the client.

Our SEO experts ensure top placement and help you gain more views. We track feedback and adapt strategies with best results in mind. Videos are annotated and back links obtained. Our online marketing specialists promote the videos and implement social media integration strategies. iLead Online can also provide royalty free graphics and music for the videos.

We know how to create attention grabbing and worth sharing video content for optimal viral effects. With such then we can help you not only build credibility through visual marketing, but also help you gain exceptional exposure because the viewers will share, tag, comment on and discuss videos with their friends at social media spaces.

Videos are furthermore embedded in client sites for improved website interactivity and to cater to the visually orientated user.

The value of YouTube

YouTube is the undisputed leader when it comes to video search engines and platforms. Because it is so easy to use and offers several methods for advertising and sharing it now has millions of users worldwide. If you thus want to reach a wider audience fast then video production is the vehicle to use.

Google is rather positive about video marketing and especially when done through YouTube. With several search and share options available, you can easily improve not only your online visibility, but also your website rank because of the incoming links, positive comments and shares obtained through video marketing.

Video Application

Video marketing focuses on more than straightforward advertising.

Increase your sales turn-over with embedded videos. Studies have shown that Internet users are more likely to purchase when they can see how a product works and what others have to say about the product.

With video marketing you will be able to provide text based information and images of products as well as video to explain the products in detail. In effect, you give the user more information options to allow for sound decision making.

As with content, original, attention grabbing, valuable and well structured visual content display can be used for:

  • News.
  • Branding.
  • Information.
  • Service Explanations.
  • Training.
  • Company Profiles.
  • Documentaries.
  • Online Resumes.
  • Real Estate Advertising.
  • Loyalty Programmes.
  • Viral marketing.
  • Product Launches & Showreels.

Measurable Results

As with all your marketing efforts, you will want tools to measure video marketing success. YouTube offers several such tools to be used including:

  • Hot Spots – number of views in relation to popularity of videos of the same length.
  • Reporting facility for user demographics monitoring.
  • Social media shares.
  • Viewer comments.
  • Ratings of videos.
  • Community tabs for information about user interaction.
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