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Marketing Video

Latest Marketing Video Campaign Trends To Set The Pace

It is no longer a secret that marketing with video is the latest trend in the online promotion world. What few people have realised so far is that HTML5 marketing video campaigns will dominate in the near future.

HTML5 Is The Future

HTML5 marketing video techniques include loads of interactivity. One example of such is where one can take photos of a particular environment and then have the benefit of sharing features with others online.

Get Ready For 3D

The two-dimensional world simply doesn't cut it anymore for the average user who wants the 3D exploring capabilities offered by for instance, a Sims game. Website owners who make use of 3D manipulation of images for full three dimensional views of their products get better results than those offering static images or short conventional videos. The secret lies with interactivity. Users want to be able to click and become the manipulators of the images rather than having the marketing videos play without any form of interaction.

Think Creatively

Another trend in marketing with video is that of making use of YouTube, but with a difference. Larger companies have extended their branding to overtake the YouTube interface. The most notable example of such breakout branding is that of Tipp-Ex where the viewers can participate in the white-out campaign. They become involved with the hunter who must shoot a wild animal, but simply doesn't want to. The creativity in such marketing videos is what attracts views and with that then more online branding, exposure and also sales.

Merging Online & Offline Worlds With Video

It is not only Facebook RFID which has made the news headlines. Olympus has launched an effective marketing video campaign where the users could download a paper marker which when held up to a web camera became a three dimensional camera screening how the PEN camera operated. It this interactivity that will change the way website owners can use marketing video campaigns to improve product awareness and sales. Get in contact with the iLead Online SEO team to help you market your videos in the modern online world effectively.