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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing Tips For The Website Owner

Viral marketing is the promotion of a service or product using people to forward your message to the next person that they think might be interested. Below you will find a few tips on what to use for rather than how to use viral marketing.

Consider the following when deciding on what to use in viral marketing:

You should know your target audience. Sending video content to people in rural areas or with little computer knowledge is just not going to work. The reason for this is that people in rural areas probably won't have the bandwidth to download the video content. Sending the same form of content to people who have full Internet access and knowledge on how to use a computer, such as gamers, will bring in tons of traffic. The size of your file does matter depending on your market.

Next, try to steer clear of email attachments because many people who access the Internet on company time will have spam filters and firewalls in place that will automatically block out any content that has been sent as an attachment.

The format of your advertisement should be something that most people can open such as a PDF or Text. If 50% of the people you send it to can't open it there is no real use in sending it in the first place. Plain text is by far the simplest format for email based viral marketing and is used by everyone with a computer. Keep ads straight forward as you need the messages to be distributed without confusion.

Viral Marketing Vehicles Other Than Email Letters

The best means to describe viral marketing is that is a cost-effective method of getting a message out that will be interesting enough to share with others. In many instances you will want to add an incentive for someone to share the message with others. It must be stunning and it must be a clear message. Facebook and YouTube are perhaps the best examples of how easy it is to have something go viral.

We can help you make the most of viral marketing tools such as Facebook, YouTube, Email-Newsletters, Blogs, and of course, website content with subscribe options. Contact us for professional web and related marketing services today.