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YouTube Marketing Campaign

YouTube Marketing Campaign Trends To Note

If you are planning on the creation of a YouTube marketing campaign you will benefit from a bit of information on the latest video marketing trends. As such a few pointers are shared below to get you started.

Satisfaction With Marketing Results

In recent surveys of how website owners and ad agencies perceive their investment in YouTube marketing campaigns, the results show that more than 70% of the marketers were happy with the results they obtained from their video ad campaigns with fewer than 4% not satisfied at all. Contrary to the myth that the online video marketing field is dominated by only a few large businesses, results have indicated the more than a third of the business website owners making use of an online marketing mix have already uploaded two or more videos as part of their online promotion strategies.

Viral Is The Way Forward

The trend in YouTube marketing campaign development shows that marketers plan to make their videos viral, but are still in the beginning phases of exploring the potential of viral marketing. The number of times a video is viewed can be a good indication of the success of the campaign. It is considered fairly good if a video has been viewed more than a 1000 times for a small business starting out on the YouTube channel while larger ad agencies consider 10 000 more accurate, whilst some only consider the ad campaign successful if a video was viewed more than 100 000 times.

Indicators Of Campaign Success

The number of times a video is watched that runs as part of a YouTube marketing campaign is only one indicator of its success. Another indicator is the response it receives. It is great to have the most watched video on YouTube, but the idea is also to target a specific audience. If brand building is the objective of the campaign, then video watch numbers certainly count, but where the responses and loyalty building are more of an issue then the percentage of those who have watched and responded will be more important.

Expert Help In Set-up & Management

Running a successful YouTube marketing campaign entails setting up of a channel, optimizing the content for placement, ensuring that it goes viral and also ensuring that there will be responses. Make use of a professional web marketing company to help you harness the power of YouTube by assisting you in the setting up and running of your video marketing ad campaigns.

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