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Website Design & Development

Online success starts with professional web design. Your public image is closely tied to your website look and feel, information and functionality. The website design should reflect your industry, level of professionalism and target audience needs. With such then it is imperative to select a professional design company for the purpose.

We offer a variety of web design options for optimal functionality and easy content control. If you want a website that is fast loading, will look great on any type of screen and will grab attention then you will appreciate our services. We know how important it is for you to be in control of content and thus also offer content management systems.

Our Website Design Benefits:

  • Fast and professional.
  • Select from templates or get a fully customised design.
  • Select from content management systems or webmaster driven options.
  • Integrated social media and SEO.
  • Saves you time and with advanced flexibility we ensure that your design requirements are met.
Website Design & Development

Content Management & Flexibility

With the content management based web design, you will be able to upload videos, images, and content to your site from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. This helps you to quickly add new information, delete outdated content and communicate with customers without the need to work through the webmaster.

It is the ideal system for real estate agencies and companies where several employees must be able to contribute to the website. The design aspects are handled by us as well as initial optimisation. We create the social media integration functions and develop spaces where you can add, edit and delete content without the risk of changing the design and overall lay-out of the site.

Wordpress, Joomla & Drupal

WordPress sites are ideal for blog driven content and offer a wide variety of functions such as user access control, shopping facilities, polls, feedback forms, passwords, chat facilities, immediate SEO, quizzes, blog rolls, and easy to update functionalities. With WordPress designs you will be able to integrate many of your social media pages and can have static as well as blog roll types of pages.

With Joomla, you can create separate categories and have several users contribute to the pages. It is similar to WordPress, but also offers additional shopping features and permission settings. Drupal designs are known for collaboration functionality, stats, and easy organisation of information.

Highly Functional Designs

We understand that sometimes you will want us rather than your team handle content addition and thus offer monthly maintenance packages as well. Website design can also be done in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. Whether you want to run a full e-commerce site with shopping carts and online payment systems or want a straightforward website to inform, you can rely on our expert team to design optimised ready websites.

We can help you establish the site theme and offer professional stock photos. All the menus are easy to navigate and sites include the necessary site maps and important policy pages. Designs furthermore include the Contact us forms for enquiries and social media buttons. We offer free minor changes for two weeks following the launch of the new website as well as ongoing support regarding web design and maintenance.

Webmaster & Maintenance Packages

We offer a range of webmaster and maintenance packages to minimise your workload and to ensure ongoing functionality of the sites. The packages are aimed at online marketing and thus also include Link checking, SEO and related monthly maintenance aspects. Design your website for optimal functionality, SEO and reach. Get professional help from the iLead Online Team today.

The response we've had thus far has been great and we look forward to a wonderful working relationship with iLead!


Website updates get done immediately and we no longer have to wait as in the past even up to weeks for change requests to reflect on the website.


iLead have always been professional in their approach and willing to listen. Our website now generates leads daily, with tremendous results!


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